UX Stamps

What is UXstamps?

We make awesome stamps for UX Designers, Entrepreneurs and Product designers!


Use your stamps anywhere and start designing, in your favourite moleskins, or a large sheet of A2 paper! 

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Why rubber stamps?

Because we want your designs to start strong. So you have the right form factor in mind. Yes you can use printouts, but you then lose the flexibility of sketching designs in your favorite notebook or when you want to think big on A2 sheets. UX stamps allows you to work anywher


Who is behind UXstamps?

My name is Chi, I'm a UX designer currently based in Hong Kong

Why is a stamp so expensive?

I'll be completely honest, the stamps are more expensive than I would like, but after production cost, shopify, paypal, delivery, packaging and postage cost. There's very little I could do to improve the cost. Maybe I can finally lower the price with v3!

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