Stamp and Let Your Ideas Flow

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Your Mess is Killing Your Creativity

“Simple can be harder than complex:

you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple” 

- Steve Jobs


The UXStamp gives you a clean canvas to let your ideas flow out.

It’s easily stampable on your favorite notebook or large A2 sheets,

so you can focus your energy on making your mark on the world

  • For Designers, Entrepreneurs and Effective Communicators

  • Use anywhere! Any notebook, scrap paper

  • Great for workshops and brainstorming

Chi-Wai Li - UI/UX Designer

Chi-Wai Li is a 12 year veteran in UX design specializing in digital product design, prototyping, and user testing.

He launched UXStamps last year after a test video accidentally went viral on Linkedin and he realized his invention had huge potential to help others start prototyping better.


Keith Rumjahn- Founder at OliveX

Keith Rumjahn's broke onto the startup scene with Coachbase, the no.1 paid sports app on IOS and Android.

He is currently developing smash hit A.I and blockchain powered mobile games at OliveX.



Why a pre-inked stamp?

Because UX is a craft and you should use something awesome. Yes you can use printouts, but you then lose the flexibility of sketching designs in your favorite notebook or when you want to think big on A2 sheets. UX stamps allows you to easily create UX flows that link together. Plus it's just dam cool. 

Who is behind UXstamps?

We're 2 guys who do mobile and UX for a living. Based out of London and Hong Kong. This is a labour of love. 

Why is a stamp so expensive?

The size of the stamp is huge. Like TV sizes, it gets exponentially more expensive as you go bigger. Also, this is a high quality pre-inked stamp that can make up to 50,000 impressions with very clear and crisp stamps. It's built to last.